Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Quick Hitters

I've heard unconfirmed reports that Fuel lead vocalist Brett Scallion dropped the F-bomb at one of Bush's inaugural balls. If it's true, it's hilarious - anyone know?

Also, slightly more confirmed reports that James "Focus On This, Bitch" Dobson has declared SpongeBob to be gay. What Dobson has failed to realize is that sponges reproduce either remotely or asexually, so they don't actually have sex, per se. Plus, why is Dobson thinking about SpongeBob's sex life anyway? What kind of person sits up at night wondering if SpongeBob gets laid, and by whom? Does Dobson get way too excited about doing the dishes and cleaning the bathroom?


Mike said...

When did the term "F-bomb" replace the far more appropriate "F-word" or the far more simple "fuck"? It is hilarious though, even if it's a bittersweet hilarity. (Ouch.)

I sit up at night wondering if SpongeBob gets laid, but only because if I ever found out SpongeBob gets more action than me, I think that would officially be a new low.

Someone should set him up with Tinky Winky. I think they'd hit it off.

Anonymous said...

What was Fuel doing at an Inaugural ball?

Actually, Dobson said Spongebob clips were being used in a "pro-gay" videos. Not that this really dignifies his comments.

Besides, who DOESN'T stay up at night wondering about Spongebob's sexuality?