Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Since Ben Doesn't Have A Blog...

I got this e-mail from Ben about the lies circulating about Democrats' treatment of judicial nominees. On a personal note, I wish Bill Frist and Tom DeLay would quit talking about "people of faith." You know theyr'e doing it just for political points. They probably wouldn't know faith if it smacked them upside the head.

Ben, if you want me to take this down, let me know.

Hey y'all,

I was at a dinner at a professor's house the other day when a guest, one of the
founders of Duke's Christian Legal Society, claimed Senate Democrats filibustered 12
of Bush's nominees because they were Christians.


Senate Democrats are filibustering these people for the reason any judicial nominee
is filibustered: because of their judicial philosophy. And a number of these 12
nominees have doozy of a philosophy - "Constitution in Exile." In essence, this
philosophy holds that the following measures are unconstitutional: federal minimum
wage laws, the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Endangered Species Act, other
environmental protections.....and ultimately, the welfare state itself.

Here's a (long) NY Times magazine article on the philosophy:

Here's a much shorter (though less informative) editorial about one of the nominees.

I wish I could say the woman at the proffessor's house was just a single misguided
example....but no. Senator Frist is getting ready to head up an entire publicity
campaign with the Family Research Council claiming this is all one big
anti-Christian conspiracy:

And people are going to believe them!

Some of y'all have heard me talk about how business interests have hijacked
Christianity and are manipulating Evangelicals to serve the cause of the Almighty
Dollar. But it's always been a bit abstract to me before. This is a pure example
of such manipulation.

For all my opinionated-ness, I generally try to respect those I disagree with and
see where they are coming from. But this.....this it the most blatant, gross,
slimey, manipulative, underhanded distortion of Christianity I can think of!

Words fail to express how angry I am.

- Ben

P.S. The conservatives are kicking off a nationwide publicity tour called "Justice
Sunday" this Sunday. Some liberals are countering with a "Social Justice Sunday"
We'll see if that goes anywhere.

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Anonymous said...

Go ahead and keep it up. I really should get a blog.

Apparently anger at underhanded manipulations of my faith have destroyed my ability to spell. "Proffessor"? "This IT the most blatant?"

Also on a humorous note, Tom Delay recently bashed Justice Anthony Kennedy (the other swing voter on the Court aside from O'Connor) for....gasp....doing his own research on the Internet!

News flash, genius.....EVERY lawyer who can afford it does his/her legal research on the internet! There's these things called Westlaw and LexisNexis that have every case known to man and which ones have been overruled and all sorts of nifty legal info.

We should write a slant story about Tom Delay criticizing a Justice for driving in these newfangled "horseless carriages."

Ok, I can laugh. But I am still OUTRAGED at Frist and company dragging my faith through the mud.

- Ben