Wednesday, July 13, 2005

By Popular Demand

Here's a list of those much-ballyhooed sixteen intelligence agencies everyone talks about. Actually, there are seventeen on the list.

* US Air Force Air Intelligence Agency
* Army Intelligence
* Central Intelligence Agency
* Coast Guard Intelligence
* Defense Intelligence Agency
* Department of Energy: Office of Intelligence (!)
* Department of State: Bureau of Intelligence and Research
* Department of the Treasury: Office of Intelligence Support
* Federal Bureau of Investigation: National Security Division
* Information Analysis and Infrastructure Protection Directorate
* Marine Corps Intelligence
* National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency
* National Reconnaissance Office
* National Security Agency
* National Intelligence Council
* Office of Naval Intelligence
* United States Secret Service

That doesn't mean the government isn't hiding an intel agency here or there. It just means that because we don't know about it doesn't make it secret.


Ben said...

What "much-ballyhooed" sixteen intelligence agencies? I must have missed the ballhoo.

Anonymous said...

And I missed the popular demand...

- pierce

Andy said...

DOE, my personal fave.

(I was paid to say that.)

Jeff said...

Truth's out, folks - Andy's a spy.

Anonymous said...

Just make sure nobody tells Rove. Damn blabbermouth can't keep a secret.

- pierce