Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I Can't Go To Turkey

Your "Dumb Law of the Day" comes from Turkey, which apparently outlaws the use of the letters W and Q (those letters are not in the Turkish alphabet). So if I were to go to Turkey, I would have to write my name as Jeff Oodhead. And my passport would be confiscated. Wow. Or, rather, o.

Runner-up: a Houston law outlawing sex toys. My favorite line from this article: "Police take into account just how much an item resembles an actual penis when making an arrest." So I guess you can't be arrested for possession of a cucumber. (Incidentally, laws like this have really got to mess with the heads of New Orleans evacuees, who are used to, well, Mardi Gras.)

And: can we now all admit that Brad Lidge is actually Byun-Hyung Kim in disguise?

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Mike said...

Hey, now I can change my middle name to Quincy or William and have an excuse next time Yaz bugs me to come to Turkey with him!

Ah yes, the whole Houston sex toy thing. Laugh it up, rest of world. My personal favorite quote from the article is, "So during jury selection I literally pulled out the biggest, baddest penis I could find and held it up."

And no, Brad Lidge is not Kim. If he gives up another game-winning home run to Podsednik tonight, he will be Kim. (Remember, Kim gave one up two nights in a row, both to Derek Jeter.) On the other hand, since Kim's team ended up winning that World Series, I suppose Lidge being Kim would be acceptable.