Tuesday, November 28, 2006

This Post Needs No Title

Have you ever wanted to visit a third-world country, but you just don't feel like leaving the U.S.? Well, if you believe infamous sodomite Tom Tancredo, you only need to go to Miami.

Making fun of that guy is just way too easy sometimes.

In other news:

Police in Atlanta decided it's a good idea to send an overarmed and overzealous SWAT team to raid a 92-year-old woman's house on minor drug charges. Unsurprisingly, the 92-year-old woman mistook the SWAT team for burglars and met them at the door with a gun. Officers saw the gun and shot and killed the old lady. Good job, Atlanta police. I'm sure the threat Great-Grandma posed to society warranted treating her house like a damn war zone. Maybe someone besides Radley Balko will start paying attention to ridiculous policing tactics now?

So it's officially a civil war in Iraq. Everybody together now: no shit, Sherlock.

Dear Michael Vick haters: shut up. Seriously. I know 9-24 isn't good, but his receivers dropped, like, seven passes. And they weren't off-the-fingertips-difficult-catch drops, they were two-hands-on-the-ball-oops-where'd-it-go drops. Add that to his total, and he's 16-24 and no one's complaining.

Let's hear it for Lebanese jokers who are hoping to show Lebanon how ridiculous its sectarian tensions are. Seriously, I don't know if Lebanese people know just how stupid that makes them look. We have our religious bickering, but dude... it's just not that important. I have a better solution: Israel should bomb them again. That way, all the sects will have a common enemy. It's genius. What could possibly go wrong?

And if you're going to bribe someone in Texas, do so in cash. Apparently it's legal.

Also, if you're wondering why the rest of the country makes fun of South Carolina, look no further than this.


OWM said...

Vick had more like 5 drops and at least one of those was thrown a little too far and hard ahead of the wideout. So lets give him 4 more and thats 13-24 BLAH!! He can't read a Def and has NO TOUCH. His receivers have trouble catching most of the balls cause he wings it at 70mph from 5 yards out. I've seen crumpler drop a couple that way.

Oh and btw, as of a week or two ago the falcons were 12th in league for dropped passes. The pats and eagles both had more drops and those Qb's still somehow find a way to win.

My question to you is what has he done to not be talked bad about? He is the 2nd highest paid player in the NFL and has a career comp% around 53. That is horrible. His winning % is pretty good but against teams with a record over .500 he's something like .350(give or take a little)

Why are you defending him? Just asking.

OWM said...

on vick:

it was more like 5 dropped passes and one of those was thrown a little hard and a little bit to far in front. So maybe more like 4. Dropped pass happen. Shoot as of a week or two ago the falcons were 12th in the league in dropped passes. The Pats were 4th. Brady was at 58% and he was still winning. Great qbs find a way to win. They don't flip off fans.

Steve Smith of all people is 1st or 2nd in the league in dropped passes and he may be the best wideout in the game today. Vick has 3 first round WR's on this team and a first round TE. Maybe if the kid would learn to put some touch on the ball the Wideouts would catch it more.

Don't tell us Vick haters to shut up. Its our right to bitch about whatever we want.

Why do you defend this guy?

OWM said...

hmm, well yesterday when I posted that it didn't show up so I came in here today to write it again and now after its posted I see my other post. I hate blogs sometimes.

Sorry for the clutter Jeff

Anonymous said...

I agree with Aaron, Vick has yet to prove himself to be the elite quarterback everyone expected him to be.

As for that most infamous of the sodomites, here's a Leonard Pitts article about Miami you might like.