Friday, December 15, 2006

Most Important Protest Ever

Janet Jackson, take heart - a judge in Daytona Beach, Florida ruled that breast-baring was not disorderly conduct and so couldn't be prosecuted. The boobies occurred during a First Amendment protest against public nudity laws. (In fairness, the laws had been used against breast-feeding mothers, so the lady had a point.)

Daytona Beach protested, and likely will continue to protest until they realize that a free-boobie zone in Daytona will draw thousands of new residents.

At least, until the new residents realize that the woman who started this was a 40-something biker chick. Yeesh.

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Anonymous said...

This could result in positive health effects for the male population. There was a study a few years back that found that men who stare at breasts for more than 5 minutes a day tend to experience fewer health problems than men who don't. This may also explain why women live longer than men - they can see breasts whenever they want.