Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Addendum To The Sports Post

I'm waaaaay too drunk to comment coherently on the State of the Union Address (thank you, SOTU 2007 Drinking Game), so I'll put a little comment about sports on here.

Anyone who, like this idiot, believes that the Super Bowl comes down to some sort of David/Goliath battle between Rex Grossman and Peyton Manning should have their language privileges revoked. Seriously. Manning will never take the field against Grossman. Manning will take the field against the Bears defense. Which is perfectly capable of scoring more points than Grossman. And Grossman will take the field against the Colts defense. Which is incompetent. Not exactly a fair comparison.

And people apologize for their Bear-dissing by saying that, well, if the Saints weren't so mistake-prone, the Bears would have lost. (Some ESPN columnist actually said this.) Yeah. Right. The Saints were mistake-prone. Just like the last 14 teams to lose to the Bears. When are you going to give this defense a little credit? Every team in the NFL can't just happen to be mistake-prone against the same team for the entire year. Think the talent on that Bears D created some of those mistakes? Think they'll create some mistakes from Manning? Sheesh.

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