Friday, March 16, 2007

Whetting the Appetite

Yes, kids, I know you've been waiting two weeks or more for a substantial blog post, but I don't have that much to say, so you'll have to subsist on quick-hitters for a bit before I get back to meaty blogging:

- I watched Jon Stewart instead: Aside from the VCU-Duke game and maybe the Xavier-BYU game, there were no good games in the NCAA tournament's first day. OK, Vandy's 77-44 shellacking of George Washington was fun to watch, but it didn't make for compelling television for those of you not sporting black and gold. From the looks of things, Day 2 isn't going to be that much better - UVA's up on Albany by, like, 20 right now.

- Is it really an upset if everyone called it: There were also no upsets yesterday. That sucks. And no, I don't count VCU-Duke as an upset since pretty much everyone outside of Durham saw it coming. And 9/8 doesn't count either. Same goes for Winthrop beating Notre Dame today, if that happens. I'm suddenly rooting for Niagara - only a 16/1 upset could make up for this.

- Least surprising scandal ever: Really, is anyone the slightest bit surprised that this administration fired a bunch of U.S. attorneys and replaced them with cronies, and that these firings may have been related to the attorneys' desire to do a somewhat even-handed job? Or that hiring and firing U.S. attorneys doesn't have to involve Congress anymore thanks to the Patriot Act? Despicable as firing people for not persecuting - ahem, prosecuting - Democrats is, it's not illegal. Why? Because no one read the Patriot Act before it was passed. This is what happens when you rush legislation without making the time to debate and tweak.

- Next, he'll confess to killing Kennedy: Khalid Sheikh Mohammed has confessed to planning pretty much every terrorist attack or terror plot known to man. He was behind 9/11, the goofy shoe bombing... apparently he even killed Daniel Pearl. More than 30 terror plots in all. Does anyone else find this a little less than plausible, like he's taking the fall for people we still haven't caught yet? Or that maybe he's just a little bit of a truth-stretcher? We forget that it's tough to recruit people to become terrorists without lying to them a little bit. I'd be a little bit wary before I took all these confessions at face value. Hell, other people have already been convicted for Pearl (Omar Saeed, I think).

- UNLV/GT might not suck. Later.

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Michael said...

Good points about Mohammed.
While I believe that he is, in fact, a guilty turd-burgling piece of walking excrement who thoroughly deserves to rot in jail in Guantanamo, confessing to everything bad that's happened in the last 15 years is a bit much... Someone needs to start doing some fact-checking on his statements, because I think he'd have to be in about 3 places simultaneously over the years, in order to be telling the truth...

What's worse, though, is the Bush administration's willingness to simply swallow it whole, no questions asked.

Also, good points about the problems with the Patriot Act. Better watch it though, because this post puts you in violation, doesn't it?