Monday, September 24, 2007

You Try Too Hard To Make Me Smile

To the chronologically retarded DJs at Mix 96.9 in Phoenix:

The 2003 release "Calling You" can NOT be reasonably referred to as "the new one from Blue October." So please don't do it again.

That is all.


Mike said...





Mike said...

My esteemed colleague and Blue insider Mr. Aaron Coyner informs me that this is technically legitimate, as the new version of "Calling You" (which is apparently barely different from the old one) has been released as a "new" single off the release of "Foiled for the Last Time", which is basically "Foiled" plus a few remixes and live tracks. However, since I have no doubt that the DJs in question are not aware that this is the song's second release as a single, I stand by my "morons" comment.

Aaron said...

Indeed Universal is attempting to bring the newly acquired fans from Foiled around to some of the older stuff. Still odd but that I guess is the plan.