Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Adventures in World Domination

The Post's Eugene Robinson points to a brand new instance of Geraldo Rivera's douchitude:
On "Fox and Friends" last week, the mustachioed infotainer gave his take on Barack Obama's borrowing of his campaign chairman's words: "When I saw that they were the same words that Deval Patrick, the black guy who won as Massachusetts mayor -- as Massachusetts governor -- had used, I said to myself, it seems so premeditated. It's almost as if they went to a camp where these black geniuses got together and figured out how to beat the political system. . . . What's the other formula that they're going to use?"

Wait, are black people the new Jews? That's cool; I'm sick of running the world anyway. Damned Azeris. You know what you did.

Robinson goes on to say that this crazy stereotype, while still irksome, is better than the current stereotypes about black men. He has a point, but I'm not sure a new view of black America is what is underlying Rivera's comments. Rather, it's apparent that Rivera views capable black leaders as some sort of anomaly - "black geniuses," like there's something innate that makes them better than the rest of black America. He makes this comment because it's so unbelievable to him that black men could succeed in politics. My thought is that Rivera's really saying that Obama and Patrick didn't get to where they are by hard work, education, and ambition, but by being freaks. So it's not a new stereotype, per se - it's simply an outgrowth of the old one that puts black abilities below white abilities. Able black people must be freaks, right? Perhaps the idea that all black people have it in them to succeed if given the opportunity is one that Rivera just doesn't want to face.


Ben said...

I couldn't care less what Rivera says.

Meanwhile, in Jeff-land. So.....2 days, huh?

Andy said...

I hope Patrick and Obama didn't share too much info at "black genius" camp. If Patrick's first year is any clue to how an Obama presidency would go, count me out. Well, count me out, regardless.

Mike said...

I liked Robinson's rant towards the end that he concludes with "I've already said too much." That was funny. Rivera hasn't been relevant since Al Capone's vault.

By the way, I demand constant posting over this next week. It's not like you have anything else going on.

Trish said...

I saw the comment of 2 days...Does that mean baby in 2 days? I would also love to say something very thought provoking and deep regarding your post, it's just not coming to me right now. Good luck!

Mandi and Ror said...

Although I love to hear your opinions and viewpoint, I hear you were officially a new dad!! I am ready to see pictures of that pretty baby!! Congrats, Rory and I are really excited for you!!!

lisa said...

Forget all this political mumble jumble!!! Post pictures of Saleh!!
Hope all is going great for you guys.
Love your favorite cuz.

Lindi said...

I'm going to have to agree with my mom Jeff (although I really enjoy the political rantings....really)!! I want to see pics of the baby!!