Monday, April 27, 2009

"Attention Please: Flight 213 to Alpha Centauri Now Departing from Gate 6"

This has gotta be a joke, right?

Rule #1: If you're gonna build a giant UFO airport in the middle of your largest city, you've lost the right to take umbrage when Sacha Baron Cohen pokes fun at you.

Update: In the comments, Leah says it's part of the reporting paper's new satire section. So yeah, it's a joke. Color me amused.


Mike said...

I'm really looking forward to the moment when, a day after construction completes, the first alien spacecraft lands. "We would have contacted Earth sooner, but we didn't have an airport to land at."

Speaking of Sacha Baron Cohen, am I the only person who doesn't think "Bruno" looks particularly good or funny?

Whimsicalife said...

I looked it up. Apparently the original newspaper that printed the story has recently added a Satire section.