Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Five Stages of Election Wednesday


No. No no no no no. No way could Feingold lose his Senate seat. Not to this schmuck. No way. Not happening. Didn't happen. Can't happen.


FUCK YOU, WISCONSIN. Seriously, let's kick these bastards out of the union. You heard me, cheeseheads. Get out. Go join Canada or something. This country doesn't need you. Milwaukee's beer sucks now anyway. Go away. I'm ripping a star off our flag as we speak.


OK, how about this. I'll give you Dino Rossi and Carly Fiorina if we can put Feingold back in the Senate. That'll get you to 50-50 assuming Colorado goes to Buck. Hell, ask nicely enough and I might even give you Sharron Angle. Please? Just give me this, okay?


Man. Congress is worthless without Feingold. Who the hell's gonna stand up for civil liberties? Now the government can just keep imprisoning people without trial and kill off our legal system in the name of a terrorism freak-out and no one's gonna stand in their way. Fuck it, there's no hope. Let's just shred the Constitution now.


OK, so no Feingold anymore. That's okay, I guess. Maybe Leahy will grow a spine on civil liberties - he just won another six years. Maybe he'll go on the pundit circuit. They could use some good civil libertarians out there. I can't imagine he'd just disappear, right? Hey, and maybe Herb Kohl will retire rather than run for re-election in 2012, and Feingold could win his seat!

Of course, we'd have to let Wisconsin back in the union by then. I'll think about it.

Jesse Walker has more over at Reason (and it's odd enough that Reason is eulogizing a Democratic Senator). There are three other results I wanted to touch on briefly:

  • Prop 19's failure. That's two straight high-profile propositions you've fucked up now, California. You'll be out of the union with Wisconsin if you keep this up. Anyway, congratulations to the murderous drug cartels, who now get to keep making crazy money off Californians. You don't have to compete with legal distribution channels now. Good job.

    Oh, and to Californians who voted against Prop 19? They're the big winners in this whole thing. Hope that's what you wanted.

  • Iowa votes down their judges. Iowans have apparently decided that they know how to interpret their state's constitution better than people who have studied the law and their state's constitution for most of their professional careers, because blah blah blah GAY PEOPLE. Hey Hawkeyes - if your ban on gay marriage is unconstitutional, fucking deal with it. The more you treat it like the end of the world, the dumber you look.

    And your state borders Wisconsin. Just sayin'.

  • Oklahoma passes proposition banning Sharia law. Rumor has it they are also expected to pass a proposition banning faster-than-light travel. Sadly, the question requiring water molecules to have two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom did not gather enough signatures to make it onto the ballot.

    Oooooklahoma, where the paranoia comes sweeping down the plains. This song goes out to you, the 70% of Oklahomans that saw fit to protect yourself against a threat that exists only in the dark corners of your amygdala:


    Matthew B. Novak said...

    Glad to have your analysis. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your reasonable voice.

    On the Oklahoma thing... the best line I heard about it was something to the effect of "Of course, it's probably pointless to outlaw Sharia law because the last time I checked, Oklahoma was one of the states that followed the Constitution."

    In other news, time for another recount in Minnesota. Talk about a balanced state.

    Mike said...

    Maybe it's just that I had accepted the loss of Feingold as a foregone conclusion, but to me the failure of Prop 19 was the most depressing thing about this election.

    The Iowa thing goes back to your earlier post about electing judges. I fear future judges might begin to take popular opinion into mind, which would suck and completely miss the point. Oh well.

    The Oklahoma thing is just fucking ridiculous (JFR).

    AnnoyingJoe said...

    What about the failure of Denver's Initiative 300? When did we lose our way?

    Great Oklahoma line.