Sunday, July 11, 2004

Opening Comments

Hi. In case you don't know me... how the hell did you get here? Did you take a wrong turn or something? The Information Superhighway is the other way, man. This is the Information Back Alley Where You Get The Shit Kicked Out Of You And Someone Takes Your Megabytes.

I'll describe myself now, just in case you don't know me and, for whatever reason, decided to read on. I'm Jeff Woodhead. I'm a grad student at N.C. State in chemical engineering. That's all you need to know. Thank you, come again. (Banecker, I can hear you saying "that's what she said" from here...)

A note about what this POS (piece of shit, for those of you who aren't acronym freaks) is. I'm a political opinion junkie. You know, the kind of guy whose role models include E.J. Dionne Jr. and David Broder. And if you recognize those names, you're probably one too, so stop laughing. I discovered I like to rant a lot. So this is my outlet for all my opinions. Thus the name of the site.

I'm a liberal. So the opinions you'll be getting on this page are coming from slightly left of center. And not well researched at all. You want well-researched columns, read the Post (Cohen, Dionne, and Raspberry from the left; Broder, Applebaum, and Ignatius from the center; and Will and Krauthammer from the right). If you're a real glutton for punishment and you want a libertarian view, check out William Safire at the New York Times or go to my friend Jacob Grier's weblog here and search for the opinions.

That's all for now. Read. Get happy. Get angry. Register to vote. Leave comments. Peace.

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miguel said...

Greetings, Woody. Long time no see.

Just FYI, William Safire is no libertarian.

If you want real examples of libertarians, I suggest you check out Harry Browne or Lew Rockwell and the LRC Blog(where saffire is ridiculed very frequently). Almost anyone mainstream who calls themselves "libertarian" is almost certainly not one. Or you could check out my page for some rants with a libertarian perspective.

When I get some time I'll read some of your stuff and comment on it. Feel free to do the same with my rants as well.