Saturday, August 21, 2004

Attack of the Demagogues

Religious demagogue extraordinaire James Dobson is coming to Raleigh September 7th. I'm wondering if I should go...

Ben points out that Dobson doesn't just do demagoguery, that his website actually deals with issues of importance to Christian families. So it's just the political wing of Focus on the Family that blows ass, while the rest of the organization appears somewhat honorable. Dobson's still a jerk for actions that spread fear instead of love, but no one's all bad, I guess.

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Jeff said...

To clarify something here - I wouldn't just be going to say "ha ha, he's an ass," though that's part of it. I would be interested to hear what it is that Dobson says that resonates with the "conservative Christians" so that I could better learn how to respond to it.