Tuesday, August 24, 2004


"What about Bush's second-term agenda, Kerry's health care plan, the new overtime rules and (ahem) Iraq? Overshadowed, drowned out or blown off by the histrionics over Kerry's "character" and whether he deserved a Silver Star, Bronze Star and three Purple Hearts." - Howard Kurtz, Washington Post media columnist


Anonymous said...

To be fair, Kerry did bring a lot of this issue on his Vietnam service upon himself. ('I'm going to be a great president because I did all these neat-o things in Vietnam', 'I got all these shiny medals for my service', and the like)

- Miguel

Mike said...

Miguel, I would agree with you. I think what happened is the Democrats were so excited to finally have the upper hand on the war record (I think the last time that happened was Kennedy) that they jumped all over it. It's sad that in their attempt to join the Iraq war, they just started up Vietnam again.

Anonymous said...

Well, first off, just by mentioning his Vietnam service 10,000 million times, Kerry did not bring lies about his war record on himself.

The larger point is that - whether or not Kerry brought it on himself - the whole issue is pointless. We've got much, more important things to talk about like (loud, blatantly fake cough) Iraq.

- Ben