Sunday, March 26, 2006

Patriot Games

Let us take a moment and revel in a couple of facts:

1) I did not pick a single Final Four team correctly in either the NIT or the NCAA. I rock.

2) No #1 seed made it to the NCAA Final Four. Awesome.

3) George Mason. George fucking Mason. Consider me a bandwagon jumper (though I half-assedly rooted for them before, seeing as how GMU is down the street from my high school). I saw a GMU game once. They were playing William and Mary. The Patriot Center had fewer people in it then than it did for my high school graduation. I took the GRE at George Mason. I took waltz lessons at George Mason (don't ask). The coolness of this cannot be described.

4) During the GMU-Wichita State game, the announcer said the following regarding a GMU player: "He's coming out for a blow." No wonder GMU's in the Final Four.

Update: Fuck you, ESPN, for stealing my post title. Yeah, it was a blindingly obvious pun, but I thought of it first, dammit!


Mike said...

1) I missed the whole Final Four, and gave slightly less than two shits about the NIT, particularly after Vandy bowed early.

2) As my away message pointed out last night, that hasn't happened in any of our lifetimes. 1980 would be the last.

3) The thought of you taking waltz lessons just made my day. Though actually, having seen you dance, I can believe it.

4) On second thought, that just made my day. I'll be laughing for weeks.

Mike said...

The NIT comment was meant to signify more that I'm impressed you even had time to fill out an NIT bracket. Just to clarify and not sound like an ass like I do when I reread that comment :-P