Tuesday, August 01, 2006

A Simple Prop To Occupy Your Mind

Back from Mexico, and promptly proceeding to Phoenix, Nashville, and points west, so this'll be my last post until Aug. 18 unless something weird happens.

First, congratulations to the Congo for voting on a leader. Let's see if the West can avoid trying to kill this one.

Second, the Middle East really needs that doobie. Now. Until then, here's a few questions for you to ponder...

- Why did Israel think that a massive military response that was sure to kill civilians would erode support for Hezbollah in southern Lebanon? Did you not understand that bombing the hell out of southern Lebanon would just convince the Lebanese that Hezbollah is the only thing that can protect them?

- There's plenty of outrage to go around over Israel's excesses. Good. So where's the outrage from the Arab world about Hezbollah's and Hamas' routine murders - homicide bombings (I refuse to call them "suicide"), rockets, and the like? Has the Arab world completely forgotten that Hezbollah is at fault for this little brouhaha too? Until the Arab leaders start condemning acts of violence from their side, we will not have peace...

- What, exactly, do Hezbollah and Hamas think they're accomplishing? I've said it before and I'll say it again - these guys couldn't resist their way out of a paper bag. Every time they get close to making gains, they blow something up and thus piss the opportunity away. I don't envy Mahmoud Abbas' ulcer. I do, however, give the Arabs credit for misplaced disingenuous whining about "Israeli aggression." The Israelis need to learn how to whine effectively instead of blowing stuff up.

Third and finally, congratulations to the brilliant Treasury economists who have discovered that you can't add by subtracting. You have now learned something that every third-grader knows. Well done.

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OWM said...

well there are reports coming out that popular opinion in Lebanon is beginning to turn against Hezbollah because of the whole civilian shield stuff. Though I wouldn't hold my breath, this may be a start.