Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Sleepless in Seattle

Apparently, some dipshit decided it would be a good idea to protest Israel's overblown response to the Hezbollah attacks by... wait for it... going on a shooting spree at a Jewish center in Seattle.

Let us deconstruct the reasoning of this shooter:

1) Israel is engaging in excessive violence in the Middle East.
2) I need to do something about it.
3) I am located in Seattle, 6700 miles away from the action.
4) The violence is obviously the fault of Jews in Seattle, who are also 6700 miles away from the action.
5) I will therefore demonstrate how wrong violence is by murdering a Seattle Jew.

Note to any potential shooters who are reading this blog: protesting violence with violence makes you a douchebag. For that matter, protesting anything with violence makes you a douchebag.

Update: One would expect this guy to be a Lebanese Shiite Muslim, right? Actually, he's a Pakistani-American convert to Christianity. Michelle Malkin's goofy conspiracy theories aside (spending months at an evangelical church and getting baptized is one hell of a way to "disguise your faith"), it looks like our shooter was really just your everyday run-of-the-mill confused stupid psychopath.

Speaking of douchebags. If you're the son of a Holocaust denier who has never officially repudiated his father's stance on the issue and are planning to produce a mini-series about the Holocaust, don't blame the Jews for all of the world's wars. It might not be good for business.


Mike said...

Welcome back. And thank you for your gratuitous use of the word "douchebag". It, along with "fucktard", may be the best insult in existence.

Ben said...

Can't tell you how disappointed I am in Mel Gibson. He directed what I considered a masterwork on the Crucifixion. I defended him to others against charges of anti-Semitism based on the insulting belief that any portrayal of the Crucifixion will send modern Christians on a killing spree. I didn't exactly endear myself to some of the Duke Law Democrats in the process. And now he does this.

Freakin' fucktard.....

The other guy's (shooter) idiocy is so massive that I don't need to really even bemoan it. The stupidity speaks for itself.