Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Days 4 and 5; and, George Allen, Jew?

So my bike tire blew up on Monday. I rode into NCSU about noon, and when I left to go home and grade papers, my back tire was flat. Worse, it wouldn't re-inflate. Fortunately, the TTA buses have a bike rack (about the only thing around here that accommodates bicyclists), and I was able to take my bike back to the shop in Cary. I yet again had trouble finding somewhere to put my bike, since the shop didn't have a bike rack.

I'll repeat that statement so the hilarity can sink in: the bike shop didn't have a bike rack.

Anyway, the folks at the shop told me that the tube in the back tire had blown, and I needed a new one. I get it back today. Fortunately, I didn't really need it yesterday; I got a ride to the call center in North Raleigh, and I rode the bus in to work both yesterday and today. So that's the latest in that department.

Also, I want to make this comment. If you were goyish and had a Jewish grandfather, when in life do you think you would find out? Childhood? High school? Furthermore, if your grandfather were a resistance fighter who spent time in a Nazi concentration camp, when would you find out? At age 20? 30? Or... 54?

I find it hard to believe that Sen. Allen just found out who his own grandfather was. If this is true, I blame Allen's mother for hiding it, not Allen. I do, however, blame Allen for responding to a reporter's question about the matter as "making aspersions about people." Dude, having a Jewish war hero as a grandfather is not an aspersion.


Mike said...

The hilarity sank in the first time, and it became more hilarious the second time, so to further the humor I will repeat it a third time in the form of an incredulous question: the BIKE shop didn't have a BIKE rack?!?! (You can sense the incredulity through the overuse of punctuation.)

That's kind of amazing about Allen. The "aspersions" response is a tad unnerving, though obviously given Allen's base he doesn't want to appear non-right-wing-Christian.

On an unrelated note, I'm beginning to wonder whether my anger at political pandering should be directed at the politicians for doing it, or at the people for buying it.

Barzelay said...

Mike, anger should be directed at both. Why limit the targets of your anger?

Anyway, I didn't find out until I was 18, but I embraced it (not so far as to have a bar mitzvah, or like, believe in God or anything, but I certainly claim it and accepted my free trip).