Saturday, September 30, 2006

I Don't Understand...

Somebody more perceptive than I am, please tell me why this incident is enough to warrant a Congressman's resignation? Seriously, do we live in an age where every interaction between an older person and an unrelated younger one takes on some sort of freaky sexual connotations? Why do we jump to that conclusion, when these e-mails have obvious innocent explanations? Seriously, people need to chill out.

Update, 10/2: It would appear that Foley actually did have some inappropriate things to say to former pages over IM. Like Barzelay, I'm wondering why such contacts between an obviously competent 16-year-old and a non-attached congressman are so inappropriate, given that your average 16-year-old is perfectly able to consent or not consent (as was the case here), but that's for another post.


Mike said...

I didn't see anyone holding a gun to Foley's head to resign (which doesn't necessarily mean that no one is). He should have simply taken the time to explain the innocence behind the emails - certainly there are many perfectly logical explanations. To me, the fact that he was so quick to resign raises more questions than the emails themselves.

Barzelay said...

I think that it wasn't those emails. It was that those emails were public evidence of a much deeper scandal, with many more lurid stories that had yet to surface. here's a more general recap, and here are some of those lurid details.

In the end, I agree that there is nothing wrong with a man interacting sexually with younger men, and sixteen year olds ought to be able to consent. What sets this apart is his staunch "family values" public stances. In other words, this isn't an expose of sexual deviance, this is an expose of hypocrisy.