Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Ask A Stupid Question...

Anyone who watched the Democratic debate last week, and anyone who will watch the Republicans go at it tomorrow, knows that the political season is fraught with questions that can only be described as "completely and utterly moronic." So it is with the AP, who asked presidential candidates what they would bring to a desert island with them.

It pains me to say that Colorado Rep. Tom Tancredo came up with the best response: a boat. Tancredo, I guess, is not one to resign himself to being stuck on an island. What AP doesn't tell you is the rest of his response: " I can get the hell off the island because it's overrun with damn Mexicans!"

And I think I know who's getting Jacob's vote: Connecticut Senator Chris Dodd, who wants coffee.


Jacob said...

No way. He wants cream with his coffee, I could never vote for that.

Anonymous said...

Jeff Woodhead, why did you do Brian L, B-Love like that? Why?