Tuesday, May 01, 2007

More Utah Hijinks

A Republican precinct chair (this was my job for the Democrats in NC until recently) submitted a resolution to the Utah County (Provo and environs) convention blaming the illegal immigration problem on... Satan.

Finally. A proposal that gets at the heart of the matter.

Having been at a county party convention once, I can testify that some pretty weird stuff goes down there. When I went, we had 60-odd resolutions on the table and only one of them passed - a resolution approving the idea of legalized marijuana. Needless to say, that was rejected by the party higher-ups as being unrepresentative of the party line (even though I still like the idea). So this is absolutely not representative of the Utah County Republican Party, even if it passes. It's just... awesome.

Hat tip to Colbert.


Michael said...

Ah, yes, Utah...
The very model of progressive America.
I wonder who's to blame for teen pregnancy?

Mike said...

Ironically, I believe Satan's borders are far easier to get across than America's.

LaPopessa said...

Classic mis-direction. In fact the Devil has actually taken up residence in the White House.

Matthew B. Novak said...

Nah, the devil is minimally competant.