Monday, July 23, 2007

How Do You Know She Is A Witch?

Apparently in Israel, it is illegal to read fortunes from coffee grounds. It's "practicing magic," which is apparently against the law.

The Yahoo article leads me to believe that the law is aimed at pseudo-mystics who know they're bilking gullible people out of money, so it probably doesn't criminalize Jacob. I guess it's more of a fraud law than anything. It's still kind of goofy, though.

The best part is that the court appeared flummoxed that the law was even on the books. They appear to have no idea what to do in this case. The Ministry of Justice said this: "In light of the fact that there is no clear judicial decision how to determine the crime of magic..." May I suggest a scale and a duck?

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Matthew B. Novak said...

"This is a fair court."