Thursday, August 23, 2007

So Sue Me... You've Already Sued Everyone Else

South Carolina federal inmate Jonathan Lee Riches appears to be on a mission to sue everyone on the planet. His hairbrained - and hopefully facetious - lawsuits have been lodged against everyone from Larry King to Michael Vick. He has sued Adolf Hitler and the 13 (!) Tribes of Israel. He is currently suing I-35.

Check out this suit filed in New Hampshire against Larry King, the Mossad, and the CIA. Among the claims: "Larry King Live is a voodoo witch doctor who stole my identity on Feb 25th, 2003 and purchased lead paint, Chips Ahoy, Planters peanuts, and Ziploc bags under my identity. Distributed them to the CIA to microwave test my DNA."

Or feast your eyes on the truly awesome list of defendants for this civil rights lawsuit in Pennsylvania which includes the Virgin Mary and Chris Berman (of ESPN fame). I feel sorry for whoever had to type this into the docket.

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Mike said...

It would be damn hilarious if that guy actually came across this blog entry and did end up suing you. I'm not sure I'd put it past him.