Monday, August 27, 2007

Summing Up The '00s Perfectly

First a little background story. Some people were using flour to mark a running course through an IKEA parking lot when they were arrested... for bioterrorism. Now, even though the city found out very quickly that it was flour on the ground, the markers are facing felony charges for "first degree breach of peace," whatever the hell that means. They also face a civil suit from the city of New Haven.

Now I don't know who John Cole is, but his reaction to the story could be the defining quote of the post-9/11 US...

It is absurd. You are safe. I am safe. This nation is safe. Quit being such a damned pussy. All of you.

Wiser words have never been said.


Mike said...

I am memorizing that quote and using it every opportunity I get.

Michael said...

Well, really Jeff, you never know what that flour can do.

I mean, anyone with a gluten allergy would have been in serious danger just walking through that parking lot, right?

Great quote. I'll have to memorize it, too.