Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Poll Dancing

The latest poll from Rasmussen:

Clinton (D) - 45%
Giuliani (R) - 35%
Colbert (I) - 13%

Clinton (D) - 46%
Thompson (R) - 34%
Colbert (I) - 12%

Yes, that Colbert. A late night cable satirist is polling in the double digits. And among voters 30 and under, Colbert is beating the Republican, whether that's Giuliani or Thompson.

Wow. Just... wow.


Mike said...

Completely unsurprising, particularly the under 30 aspect. Consider: the Facebook group "1,000,000 Strong For Stephen T Colbert" which even I, who never use Facebook, have joined, is the fastest group ever to get to 500,000 members and is currently approaching 900,000 fast.

We must also bear in mind that there is often a substantial difference between what people will say they would do in a mere poll, and what they actually will do when things are official.

Not me though: I'd totally vote Colbert.

-Dave said...

I'd vote for Colbert, in a primary at least. It's a better form of protest against cookie-cutter pandering candidates than simply staying home.

When I first heard he was going to try and make it on a ballot, I thought "It's Man of the Year, made real." Life imitates art.

The Frank Family said...

Let's all remember how the "revolutionary" Rock The Vote campaign turned out. Those who would vote for a TV personality won't stop watching TV long enough to go to the polls.