Thursday, May 22, 2008

This Amuses Me For Some Reason

Apparently Molson Coors is a sponsor of the Democratic Convention in Denver and will provide their ethanol (in more ways than one). If my memory serves me right, though, Pete Coors ran for Senate in 2004 as a Republican, losing to Democratic Sen. Ken Salazar.


And was New Belgium not available? How many of those convention delegates would choose Coors Light over Fat Tire?


Ben said...

There's an alcoholic beverage called "Fat Tire"? What the hell kind of marketing genius thought that one up? What sort of mental image should that bring up?

(And here, Ben possibly reveals his ignorance of all things alcoholic. But he remembers the wrods of wisdom from a great quote list: "Ethanol and concrete don't mix.")

Andy said...

Of course, I would never be selected as a delegate but "if I was" Fat Tire over Coors any day of the week.

Then again, it's Fat Tire over "insert just about any other beer here" for me. New Belgium nailed it when they created Fat Tire. And then they salted the wound by refusing to send it east of the Mississippi.

Jacob said...

Hey Ben,

The fat tire is an allusion to the brewer's days spent cycling around Belgium on a fat tire bike to learn the art of making beer. It conjures up the kind of vacation any beer lover would dream of enjoying.

Mike said...

Ben, I'm surprised you never heard us mention Fat Tire, as usually when we would have, you would have been the soberest one around. But yes, much in the way that there is a wine called Fat Bastard which is also very good, there is a beer called Fat Tire. You come for the name, you stay for the flavor.

Either way, props for choosing an alcoholic beverage as a sponsor, even if it's one whose light beer actually manages to be worse than both Bud and Miller (IMO). Maybe this will help them reconnect with the working class.

Jeremy said...

Personally, I can't wait for the speeches. ....

Sponsored by Molson Coors, I present Hillary Clinton.

"Thanks Tom - it is Tom, right? (pause) Wow, what a party guys! Lessee, where did I put my speech... BILL! Please step away from the Molson Coors models!"

So will Molson Coors be the official sponsor of the bill that brings the nat'l drinking age down to 18?

Hey Barak, I hear you don't like lobbyists... How 'bout corporate sponsors of your victory party?