Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Game Over

It seems that Barack Obama has just wrapped up the Democratic nomination. I think I'll let the fans of recently relegated EPL team Derby County speak for me:


Mike said...

Who is "F***" and how do I thank him/her personally?

Ben said...

You know, if you contemplate it for a little bit, this is an example of someone swearing beoming, frankly, nonsensical. What the hell does it mean to "thank F***"? I get that they are trying to be funny and include profanity. But I just don't think that's a proper use of the term F***....which is an otherwise versatile word.

F*** the f***ing f***ers, as a great man once said.

Ben said...

If you contemplate it, you'll note that my last comment is an example of someone making several typos.

Andy said...

My personal favorite use of F*** (since apparently we can't type the word) is "Jerry Ma-f***ing-Guire".

I think it comes from a movie or something.

Mike said...

My personal favorite use of "fuck" (enough with the "***" nonsense) is, "Fuck fuckity fuck fuck fuck." And yes, that would be Eric Cartman.

However, I do really like Andy's too. And it's worth noting that the speaker of the phrase he cites is ridiculously hot (albeit sadly Scientologist).