Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Baby Picture Dump

I've been meaning to post baby pics for a while, but haven't gotten around to it... until now.

This is from her baby-naming ceremony, where we take her up to the bima during Shabbat and the rabbi gives her a blessing and we give her a Hebrew name. It's supposed to happen earlier, but oh well.

The dress is definitely her...

...the kipa, not so much.

A tune, Maestro...

That's one cute duck!

Is this a form of child abuse?


Mike said...

Child abuse = putting a Cowboys jersey on your child. Nationals are okay.

I have one of those roll-up pianos too. Me and Selah will have to jam sometime, if I can ever get my lazy ass up to NC.

Too cute.

Ben said...

Selah seems to consider it a form of child abuse. Look at the look on her face!

Jeff: you should know better than to use the words "baby" and "dump" in close proximity. It creates unpleasant mental images involving that action in which babies frequently engage.

Jeremy said...

I think the only thing worse than the Nationals onesy (sp?) would be a Royals jersey. At least the Rays are respectable this year.

My 3-year old is being torn apart by me and Mrs. Rocker. ECU vs. NCSU. Mrs. Rocker asked her the other night what sound a Pirate made, and she responded "Go Wolfpack!" I smiled. Big.