Sunday, July 06, 2008

All-Star Screwups

OK, baseball fans - especially AL fans - you got some 'splainin' to do.

Here are the all-star lineups that you picked. The NL looks good - the two Cub outfielders are good, Soto's a decent catcher, and the infield is pretty solid.

But the AL... dude. With the exception of the obvious choices (Mauer, Rodriguez, Hamilton), this is nothing short of a complete screwup.

OK, OK, I can see Youkilis at first over Justin Morneau - they're pretty close and Youk's slugging better. I'll let that slide. I'll let Jeter go at short too - there are no good choices at short this year. Ichiro's a borderline choice given that it's an off year for him, but he's still over .300 so I'll let you have it. But the choices of Ramirez and especially Ortiz and Pedroia? No excuse for that. At all. Ortiz isn't even healthy. Ramirez isn't even the best outfielder on his team this year (that would be J.D. Drew). And Pedroia? Maybe the fifth best second baseman (Kinsler, Polanco, Roberts, and Grudzielanek are all better).

Fortunately, the deserving Milton Bradley will be starting for the injured Ortiz. As for Ramirez and Pedroia? You guys better consider yourselves very, very lucky.

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Mike said...

That is due to all the Red Sox "fans" who apparently "saw the light" back in 2004 and hopped the bandwagon for good even though they've never lived remotely close to Boston. We have them all over the place in Tampa, and the rest of us can't stand them. Okay, I freely admit, I was once a member of the Red Sox bandwagon myself in 2004 - but only for a week, and only because they were playing the Yankees, the only team that spends more egregiously in attempts to buy World Series titles (and wonders why true fans of the purity of the game celebrate when they fail). These days the Red Sox have somehow managed to surpass the Yankees in evilness. Maybe this is what Collazzi was warning us about all those years. (Jeter at short was a given - in a way, similar to Cal Ripken, who due to sheer popularity was starting All-Star games regardless of the year he was having.)

Okay, rant over.