Friday, August 08, 2008

Memphis Update, Or, Dumbass to Evers to Chance

Some time ago I posted about the ridiculous anti-Semitic campaign being run in Tennessee's ninth congressional district against incumbent Rep. Steve Cohen. Here's an update:

The race got worse, with opponent Nikki Tinker all but saying down the stretch that Memphians shouldn't elect Cohen because he's a white JOOOOOOO!

Anyway, the primary was yesterday, and the result? Cohen put an unholy smack-down on Tinker, beating her by the ridiculous margin of 79-19. Memphians aren't particularly big fans of abrasive, divisive identity politics, methinks.

Good job, Memphis. Tip-o'-the-hat to ye.

Update: I'm changing the title of the post, because I can.


Mike said...

Not sure what the original title was, but I love the new one. Random poll of Jeff's readership: does anyone else not named "Matt Novak" get the reference?

A. Else said...


Ok, fine. I admit it. This is actually Matt Novak.

Ben said...

I certainly do not get it.

Levy said...

I don't check in nearly often enough, but A+ subject!

Speaking of Tinker / Evers / Chance, did I tell you that I finally made it to Wrigley this summer? Beautiful park, beautiful 11-4 victory for the O's.