Tuesday, August 26, 2008

No Babies For You

Arkansas voters will have a chance to deny singles and cohabiting couples the right to adopt children. The measure was pushed by the Family Council of Arkansas, which apparently hates babies. I guess they think it's better for kids to grow up in a group home or orphanage than with loving parents who aren't married. God forbid that these children should have a family, right? How foolish do you have to be to think that kids are better off in an orphanage than with an unmarried couple?


Mike said...

No one ever credited Arkansas for being at the vanguard of states. When Bill Clinton, as governor, raised their standing in education from dead last to 48th, it was enough of an accomplishment to get him into the White House. (In that sense, could he perhaps be called the "Jay Cutler" of politics? :)

Seriously, yeah, pretty stupid. Or, as they likely say in Missouri, "Arkansan". Or, as we say in Virginia, "West Virginian".

Also, you didn't mention the "singles" aspect of it all, which in my opinion is also troublesome, if perhaps not quite equally so. Would you not agree that children are better off with a single loving parent as well?

Mike said...

On further review (now that I actually followed the link like a good boy), I don't see where the article mentions singles. Question stands though.

Oh, and I'm amused that they boast about how a full 90% of signatures were actually valid.