Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Epic Map Fail

So Glenn Greenwald and Arianna Huffington were on MSNBC's Morning Meeting with host Dylan Ratigan on Tuesday, but that's not what's important here. Go to the 0:46 mark of this video.

Notice that Mr. Ratigan's staff labeled a country "Turkmenistan." Note also that the country in question is actually Turkey.

Point. Laugh. Continue.

Honestly though, how did they screw that up? It's not like they mislabeled some little country and got it confused with its neighbor. I have trouble remembering which one's Tajikstan and which one's Kyrgyzstan, personally. I get it. But this isn't some little country they screwed up. This is Turkey. Kind of a major country. And it's not like some blogger made a proofread error. This is a multi-billion-dollar news network - you'd think they could afford someone to double-check the freakin' map.

Funny side story - I woke up from wisdom tooth surgery a few years ago absolutely demanding to know the capital of Turkmenistan. It's Ashgabat, by the way. Yes, I did that from memory.

That's all I got. Enjoy your obligatory Yeah Yeah Yeahs video.


-Dave said...

Thinking of obligatory videos, I think everyone owes it to themselves to see David Hasselhoff's "Hooked on a Feeling" music video. Rarely have I laughed so hard.

Ben said...

Was that the same dentistry incident in which you claimed Mike was a Russian spy?