Friday, September 18, 2009

Lost in the ACORN Shuffle

You know what is happening right now? A former Secretary of the Interior is being investigated for steering oil shale leases to a favored company. A current House member (sadly, one I really like) may have done the same with bailout funds. One defense contractor may have gotten a little help from a Congressional friend so they coulddefraud the Navy out of millions. And it's old news, but I still don't think anything has been done about the defense contractor whomay have tried to cover up the rape of their own employee.

But oh, by all means, obsess over a couple of low-level ACORN staffers playing along with a stupid joke. (I mean, look at this video. It should be clear within 30 seconds to everyone with a brain that the employee in the video is screwing with the filmmakers. She claims to have shot her ex-husband for fuck's sake. And this moron O'Keefe takes her seriously? That oughta destroy any credibility he has right there.)

So yeah. Actual, honest to God corruption abounds in our system, and it's being ignored for this horseshit.


OK, there, I'm done. Sorry about the outburst, it happens sometimes. Frustration, you know. (One more. Why aren't conservatives going after Murtha? He's high up in the Dem leadership and the bastard practically oozes corruption. And that's corruption that's stealing from the armed forces and, by extension, our troops. "Democratic leader steals from troops and gives to his rich well-connected friends"... isn't that practically Glenn Beck's wet dream?)


Miguel said...

I'll agree that the priorities may be a little out of whack, but ACORN certainly is no innocent victim here, give its past shenanigans. The hammer isn't being brought down on them solely because of these videos.

Jeff said...

What "past shenanigans," exactly? I think a lot of people take it on faith that ACORN is somehow up to no good, while no one can point to any specific cases of corruption perpetrated by the organization...

Miguel said...

Workers from ACORN have been charged and convicted with voter fraud by submitting false voter forms in several areas of the country during the 2008 election. You can claim it was just a few bad apples and there was no evil intent by anyone involved, but the lack of oversight (which they were ultimately fined for) was rather appalling.

There was also the shady cover up of an embezzlement scandal within ACORN way back in 2000. While they correctly removed the embezzler from their employ and ordered him to pay restitution the act, they tried to pretend that it never happened and that struck me as somewhat irresponsible. Given the fact that ACORN receives federal funds they should have come clean immediately with what happened. As it turned out a whistle blower eventually revealed what happened and a nasty shitstorm was the result.

Given these past incidents combined with the video incidents, I think the flak there getting is somewhat justified, though perhaps overblown in the media considering all the other stuff you just mentioned.

Ben said...

Actually, there's a development in the defense contractor-rape case. It's not really government action - just part of her lawsuit against Halliburton/KBR.

The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled on September 15 that the victim can't be forced to submit her claims to binding arbitration. So it seems she'll get her day in court, at least.