Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Big Ol' Pile of Them Bones

Balko's latest post highlights an Institute for Justice campaign to overturn a law against compensating bone marrow donors.

Now I've thought for a while, and I see no reason why this law exists in the first place. Anyone know why a hospital paying a potential bone marrow donor is against the law, especially if donors are in short supply in the first place? I don't think the legal case has that much merit - I don't see a constitutional prohibition against this law, and just because a law is dumb doesn't make it unconstitutional - but it is a dumb law that someone needs to repeal.


Anonymous said...

Lemme throw out a couple off-the-wall ideas, since I have no real answer. It could be along the lines of not paying for organ harvesting. Or a way to prevent shady activities.

I understand there are places that will buy your blood or plasma. Personally, I would outlaw selling that, too. But that is my personal opinion; I know of no legal grounds where that could be accomplished. But I just see a pandora's box of unintended consequences being opened in allowing the sales of part of the human body.

Anonymous said...

OFF TOPIC: Jeff, you really should have a blogroll of some sort. That way, us Conservative Kooks can see what makes a Liberal Loon like you tick. Ya know?

Jacob Grier said...

If you check Megan McArdle's post about this, she says the inclusion of marrow in the list of banned sales may have been inadvertent.