Friday, October 16, 2009

You Live Inside Your Jesus Dream

The stupid. It burns.

OK, first off: that wasn't an ox, it was a cow. Second, that's one big fucking rat. Ben, watch out, apparently rats are HUGE in Georgia. Third, I think the ox caused that house fire and the tornado... and if not, he certainly wasn't doing shit to stop them. Fourth, I'm all for taking money from the Georgia Department of Insurance, but I definitely don't want to be crushed by freakishly large C-notes in the process, thank you. And finally, I think every conservative stereotype is there - the inexplicable reference to Hollywood and France, the completely random Reagasm, the veiled Confederate flag fellating... it's all there.

Dumb? Yes. But you'll be saying "King Roy. Thuuuuuh raat" and cracking up inexplicably for the rest of the day. Trust me.

Kudos to anyone who makes sense of the post title, by the way.


Pierce said...

I can't believe I watched the whole thing.

My biggest "uhhhh" moment was "Thuh rat is here to expand state government. The ox says, that may work in France, but not in Georgia."

Expanding state government. In France. /facepalm

Ben said...

Wow never mind that the Republican who beat Roy Barnes (Sunny Purdue) went on an even bigger power trip than Barnes and abused his power for his personal gain in real estate deals. King Roy is evil.

Also, I don't like Oxendine because he wants to build a highway right through my neighborhood. My inner NIMBY is coming out.

Also, who actually calls himself The Ox? Seriously!