Wednesday, January 27, 2010

At Dave's Request

In the comments of the last post, Dave wanted me to crunch some numbers on a proxy for social conservatism. I chose two measures - percentage of a state's residents that attend church, and percentage of a state's vote for McCain in 2008. Neither have much of an effect:

Both correlations are positive, but both trendlines are almost horizontal and both correlation factors are extremely low, especially the McCain one. So I doubt that a state's social conservatism/liberalism has much of an effect on teen pregnancy.

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-Dave said...

On a related note: none of your images show up for me (in either post).

The image link appears to point to: "webkit-fake-url://1AD2B96C-47BD-4518-BF6C-E77C5CF67087/application.pdf"

Any chance of saving the image as a JPG/GIF and then uploading it?

It's a topic I find interesting, and I'm a fan of number-crunching (but lack the patience to manually key data from the linked report PDF into a spreadsheet so I can shuffle the data around).