Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Earthquake Donations

For those of you who want to help Haitians deal with the horrifying earthquake that happened there yesterday, and whose death toll is estimated by some to be in the hundreds of thousands, here's a few links:


Doctors Without Borders

Red Cross - though apparently you can donate via text message by texting HAITI to 90999.

That'll get a list started. Comment if you know of any other reputable organizations helping the relief efforts down there.

Update: Partners in Health's relief efforts.

Also try Hope for Haiti

Update II Beth points out that Raleighites can drop items at Beleza in Cameron Village - they'll channel their aid through the United Methodist Church, which apparently has a pretty good operation going.

Also, the Union for Reform Judaism has a donation site here. It claims to be overhead-free, which is a plus, though I don't think URJ has much of an established operation there right now.

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Beth said...

Beleza, a fair trade shop in Cameron Village is collecting items as well. (I know the owners from Redress Raleigh involvement.) I tried to copy their email below... I don't think I can copy all the information about what needs to be donated, but that is probably something people can find on the other sites too.
This is their website:

January 13, 2010

We are confident all of our customers have heard about the enormous tragedy in Haiti. Philip was there in early August and brought back some items for the store from a family. While he was there he worked in an orphanage called St. Josephs and he became involved with a local pastor who has built clinics, schools, and churches - entire community centers- for the poorest in Haiti. The orphanage is destroyed as are some of the clinics and part of the clinics, etc. All the children in the orphanage are alive. He had a medical team scheduled to go on March 20.

When a tragedy like this strikes, we all want to help and also to make the best decisions we can about agencies we support. We know there is no limit to ways to agencies through which to help, but we wanted to provide an easy way for you to consider. The giving of money is crucial but right now there is a dire need for items to be placed in the hands of the people. Philip's experience there validates that even if we sent money directly to the people, the items they would need are not available for purchase.

We have confidence in a local agency in Goldsboro, NC, MERCI ( which is sponsored by the United Methodist Church, to get goods in the hands of the people quickly. We are including an email from that agency below for you to read eye witness accounts but more to see the list of things needed.

If you want to donate any of these items to this cause, you can deliver them to Beleza and we will take the to Horne United Methodist Church in Clayton on a daily basis as needed.

Thank you for reading this and for your help. Feel free to email us with questions.
Philip and Sara

919-832-4775 Hours - 10 - 6 pm Monday through Saturday, 1-5 Sunday