Friday, May 21, 2010

You Want Racist Douchitude?

Bomani Jones has found us some racist douchitude. Fill-in radio host Chris Myers attempted to contrast the response of victims of the Tennessee floods to the response of the victims of Katrina by calling the victims of Katrina - people who were stranded on top of their houses without food or potable water, people who had their entire neighborhoods destroyed, people who were being shot at by police - "whiners."

So to recap. White people who get flooded and need help: community pulling together. Black people who get flooded and need help: whiners. Glad we could clear that up. It's subconscious racism - I doubt Myers goes around calling black people lazy whiners for fun - so it's not, like, KKK/David Duke shit. But I'm comfortable dropping the R-bomb on Myers... which oughta be saying something.

Oh, and I've spent a week-plus down there each of the past two years doing volunteer rebuilding work in Holy Cross, and I haven't heard a whine yet. I kinda wish they'd whine more - might make people who can do something take notice more.

So yeah, fuck you, Chris Myers.

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