Monday, May 10, 2010


Matt Taibbi takes a break from ripping on Goldman Sachs to point out that Eric Holder has suggested new limits on Miranda rights for terrorists. Because if something ain't broke, you gotta fix it, right?

It's clear to everyone with a brain that treating terrorists as criminals works. No high-profile arrestee has failed to provide useful information after having been arrested - in fact, the opposite is generally the case. We lose nothing by sacrificing Miranda rights for anyone arrested here - in fact, current law allows us to interrogate a suspect pre-Miranda as long as we never use that information in court and as long as there's a credible public safety threat.

The only reason I can think of why Holder is even suggesting something like this is political. Holder and Obama don't want to have to deal with stupid-but-effective Republican attacks painting them as "soft" on terrorism. To which I say: Obama and Holder need to grow a pair. These schmucks like McCain and Steve King and Lieberman that rant and rave about Miranda rights for terror suspects are bullies. Stand up to them and Americans will respect you.

It seems to me that no one in Washington has a spine anymore. McCain and King and Lieberman and his "strip their citizenship" posse are cowards who are willing to throw our legal system out the window because they're so scared of the big evil terrorist monsters under the bed. Obama and Holder are cowards because they're willing to let these idiots make unnecessary changes to the legal system because they're scared of the political consequences of doing the right thing. I just don't understand what's so hard about standing up for a system that has served us relatively well over the course of the past 230 years...

No need to watch the video. Just listen to the song this time.


Mike said...

Just out of curiosity, were you inspired to include that song based on the DJ Unsober show yesterday? I was pretty proud of myself for including that forgotten little nugget of late 90s awesomeness. (Also played some new Angie Aparo, as requested.)

Oh, and on topic, yeah, what Holder's doing is total bullshit.

Jeff said...

I don't have Internet at home yet post-move (I'm doing all this from school), so unfortunately I couldn't listen... sad I missed it.

Mike said...

No problem, just thought the "coincidence" was a tad uncanny. Next time you tune in, just put in a request and force me to play it again :)

Miguel said...

Well I can't say I'm surprised. When it's come to issues that I actually do agree with liberals about, Obama seems to be one step forward, two giant steps backwards.