Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Banditos Theorem Proof #386

Some New Jersey legislator with nothing better to do is in an uproar about the name of his state's hockey team, the Devils. Next thing you know, diminutive New Jerseyans will respond by asking that the NJ-based New York Giants get rid of their name too. Part of me secretly hopes that a Satanist responds by going to Anaheim and challenging the Angels' nickname.

The sad part is, this guy's from Newark - a place with a lot more problems than a stupid hockey nickname.


Mike said...

Hmmm... by my count, this is actually proof #387. You forgot the film "Gigli", didn't you?

Aaron said...

As long as the state of New Jersey doesn't take advice from Marquette and appoint a nickname advisory committee, everyone will come to their senses eventually.

In all seriousness your blog makes for interesting reading. Keep up the entertaining work.