Wednesday, July 12, 2006

America Meets World

Ben has an excellent blog post about the great news from Washington that the Bush Adminstration is going to start applying the Geneva Convention rules to the prisoners at Guantanamo. This was catalyzed by the recent Supreme Court decision ruling that the military tribunals were unconstitutional.

This is a very welcome change for the Administration. I think they may be starting to realize how much lawless places like Guantanamo hurt our image overseas and do more harm than good to the War on Terror.

As for the question of what should replace the tribunals... I'm not sure. I don't see the problem with tribunals as long as the defendants are present and can answer to the charges against them - we could model the tribunals on the Nuremberg ones that worked so well after World War II. Barring that, I think I lean towards the full court-martial option.

Also, a moment of blog-silence for the victims of the horrific bombing in Mumbai.

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