Monday, July 03, 2006

Calm Down, Idiots

So let me get this straight. Palestinians fire rockets into Israel. Israel fires rockets into Gaza. Palestinians kidnap an Israeli soldier and demand the release of 1,000 prisoners (some political prisoners, some homicidal maniacs). Israel asks the Palestinian government to help find the criminals. The Palestinian government, for reasons that will never be known to anyone with a brain, refuses. Israel responds by kidnapping half the Palestinian government and invading Gaza, cutting off power and food supplies in the process. Also, they destroyed the prime minister's office. The maniacs who took the soldier are trying to blame Israel for his imminent doom. Israel is blaming Palestinian terrorists for the havoc being wrought on Gaza right now.

You know what Israel/Palestine needs? A giant joint. Seriously. Let's have our army roll up a half-mile-long joint (we can ask for donations for the main ingredient in exchange for immunity from future drug charges), light it up, and air-drop it over Gaza. We can drop another one on the Jerusalem area. Personally, I'd rather deal with ten million cases of the munchies than more militaristic stupidity.

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