Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Looks like Romney has further scrambled the GOP race by winning the Michigan primary. It wasn't even close, either. Funny, the last poll I saw before the election had Romney and McCain within a half a percentage point. Can we all agree to just discard the polls from now on? We're going into each vote with absolutely no idea how it's going to play out anyway.

Right now I'm rooting for Thompson to win South Carolina and Rudolph the Red-Faced Mayor to win Florida - which would give us five different winners in five major contests. Which would be awesome.

Also, Clinton won on the Democratic side, but no one cares since Michigan has no Democratic delegates and 55% of 0 is still 0. Which reminds me - why did 40% of Democrats come out on a presumably freezing January day to cast their votes for nobody in a meaningless election?

Whatever. Cheers, though, to the Michigan Republicans, who wholeheartedly congratulated the winner... John McCain. Apparently the party officials "pushed the wrong button." This is a departure from what Bush would have done - he would have blamed some 9% of Republican Michiganders for pushing the wrong button.


Ben said...

Why is nobody at all paying attention to the fact that Romney won Wyoming? I mean, why is New Hampshire or South Carolina "major" and Romney not?

Miguel said...

well .... it's wyoming. They also have a wonky primary as well.

Looks like it's pretty certain now the GOP is heading for a brokered convention, which .... means probably Guilani is the GOP candidate, one way or another.

preliminary gratz to Obama or Clinton.

Barzelay said...

Hillary didn't so much "win." She was the only major Dem with her name on the ballot. Obama and Edwards withdrew their names from the ballot in Michigan.