Monday, December 08, 2008


America's Most Awesome State Legislator strikes again.

Let's recap. Chris Buttars has, in the past two years, made a blatantly racist comment on the state Senate floor, said Brown v. Board was wrong, introduced a bill allowing police to cover up their misdeeds, and now wants Utah's state legislature to officially disapprove of "happy holidays" (one wonders what Mr. Buttars has against New Year's and Hanukkah). And the voters of my grandmother's old district just put him back for four more years, so we can be assured of more awesomeness in the future. (Though he won by a small margin in this pretty heavily Republican district - his 2004 margin of victory was 29 points; this year he won by 4.)

And it's a good thing. Since Raleigh's Russell Capps was defeated in '06, I've been missing state legislature hijinks...

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Mike said...

All together now: "Everyone knows it Buttars! (That's me!)"

South Park? Anyone?

Meh, nevermind, but certainly the first "person" I thought of when I saw this post.

"Simpsons did it!"