Friday, May 29, 2009

More Funny

...this time, it's baseball related.

Yes, I know the Internet facts meme has been overplayed like "Smells Like Teen Spirit" during the early '90s, but here's what makes this so funny: Wieters hasn't played a game in the major leagues yet. His first game with the O's is tonight. And yet he's the Orioles fans' Jesus. Not sure whether this says more about Wieters or the desperation of Orioles fans. (Of course, on the off chance Wieters doesn't suck, wouldn't a lineup of Roberts, Jones, Markakis, Huff, and Wieters scare the crap out of most AL pitchers?)

Either this is a desperate cry of hope or a hilarious parody of the massive hype around a 22-year-old prospect, and I'm banking on the latter. That said, the crying Chuck Norris pic (scroll down a little, it's in the background of a box on the right) really makes the site.


Matthew B. Novak said...

First off, Roberts, Jones, Markakis, Huff and Wieters won't scare too many AL pitchers because that's still a weak lineup compared to half of the teams in the AL.

Second, at the Twins vs. O's game a couple weeks back I was telling someone they should vote for Mauer because he was the best catcher in baseball. An O's fan interrupted:
"You're forgeting about Weiters. He's way better than Mauer."

I just laughed.

Matthew B. Novak said...

I do, of course, wish him all the best. He's on my fantasy team.

But there's no way he'll be as good as Mauer.

Jeff said...

You realize Markakis, Jones, and Huff are all in the top 15 in the majors in RBI, right? And that Baltimore is the only team that can claim three on that list? Throw the .300-hitting Roberts in there, the suddenly surging Luke Scott (OPS >1 this year), and a Wieters that's hopefully a lot better than that crapfest he put on tonight, and that's a weak lineup? Sure, they still have Cesar Izturis and Melvin Mora weighing them down, but you can't tell me that's not a good lineup right there.

FrostKing said...


Daniel from here. It's neither a desperate cry of hope nor a parody really. We are trying to rebuild some excitement in a fan-base that has seen some bad teams recently, but we don't really expect the world from Wieters right away. And while it was inspired by other such sites, I don't know if "parody" is appropriate as we try to keep most of the facts baseball related and somewhat relevant. Thanks for the shout out though.

Oh, and Wieters was supposed to be "Mauer with power", but Joe has kind of taken care of that last part himself this season. Can't switch-hit though, can he?

Feel free to stop on by and leave a fact if you think of one.

Mike said...

Early 90s? I still hear that song more often than half of the new music out there.

Also, 0-4 = FAIL. But meh, whatever. One game means nothing. Mauer's on a tear though so far; big shoes to fill.