Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Limited Amount of Crazy

I have a theory that there's a set amount of crazy in the world. If someone becomes sane, that means that someone, somewhere else, is going crazy, and vice versa. This could answer Steven Pinker's question of why we kill each other less nowadays than we have - there are more people on the planet, and thus less crazy per capita. One problem with that theory, though, is figuring out what happens to the crazy when someone certifiable dies. So now that Michael Jackson's gone, what happened to his vast store of crazy?

Glenn Beck, any ideas?

High-pitched freakout? Not bad, but considering what the caller said that triggered it, not all that crazy. Fox News, you got anything for me?

Universal health care causes terrorism? Very nice. OK, one more entry... random lady from Virginia?

Annnnnnnd... we have a winner, kids! Remember, Virginians, vote for Catherine Crabill or she'll pop a cap in your ass!

If anyone asks where Michael Jackson's crazy went... now you know.

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