Monday, February 15, 2010

Criminal Approach to Terror Vindicated

Remember all those breathless accusations that Obama was endangering Americans by giving Captain Underpants a criminal trial? That we were sacrificing valuable intelligence by letting him "lawyer up," as conservatives so enjoy saying?

Well, a report by Eli Lake, quoted here by Steve Benen, demonstrates that it's all bullshit.

As it turns out, the fact that we're putting Captain Underpants through the judicial system encouraged his family to get involved, and they've helped get useful information out of Abdulmutallab that can be use to fight terrorist networks overseas. And if Abdulmutallab had been labeled an "enemy combatant" and thrown in "indefinite detention," none of that would have happened.

I'll allow the Hives to do my gloating for me.

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Mike said...

I guess this is a key difference between you and me: I LOVE to say "I told you so."