Tuesday, June 13, 2006

American Jew? Oh, Okay Then

Many of you know that I'm somewhat nervous about going to Israel, even though it's free. Well, I'm still nervous about the bombs, but at least my nationality can stop my abduction.

Seriously, who would have expected a Middle Eastern terrorist to abort a kidnapping because the victim was American? And how do you explain that to the guy you just kidnapped? "American? Oh, shit, we're sorry, we thought you were Israeli, ha ha, my bad, you see, the skullcap, you know... Oh well, hope you come back sometime, have a nice day!"

Let's pause to highlight the distinction between al-Qaeda-type terrorists and Palestinian terrorists. The Palestinians obviously aren't motivated by radical Islam - if they were, they would have kept and probably killed their obviously Jewish prisoner. Terrorism isn't monolithic, folks. Remember that.

On a completely different note, this has to be the stupidest lawsuit ever. I guess if you can't rob a store illegally, you might as well try it through legal means...


Barzelay said...

I presume you've read about my Israel experience?

The whole felt entirely safe while I was over there, despite some misgivings before hand. It was an AMAZING experience. Don't be scared away. They avoid possible dangerous spots, like the Muslim quarter of the old city, and Arab markets (Israelis call all Muslims, Middle Easterners, and North Africans "Arabs").

If you want to talk about it beforehand, or want any advice, shoot me an email. With which trip organizer are you going?

Anonymous said...

Mazel tov! When are you going? And, to echo Barzelay, which trip organizer?

Jeff said...

I haven't signed up yet... I was planning on a winter trip once registration for that opens... any recommendations?