Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Ride With The Devil

Note to voters in Utah's 3rd congressional district: The Devil is playing a part in your Congressional primary. I'm especially a fan of how the guy who said that immediately said "I don't want you to print that..." - as if that's going to stop any journalist from running a quote.

My favorite lines from the article:

"[Current representative Joe] Cannon's campaign would not address whether Lucifer is opposing either candidate."

From Satan's accuser, challenger John Jacob (Jingleheimer Schmidt?): "'"We have a country that was created by our Heavenly Father and it was a country that had a Constitution and everyone who came to America had strong faith.'" Well, one out of three ain't bad, I guess. Unless you like to refer to George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, etc. collectively as "our Heavenly Father." Or unless you ignore all the atheists, agnostics, and apathetics that crossed the oceans. (Okay, picky people, I know atheism is strong faith in the non-existence of God, but you know that wasn't what Jacob was referring to.)

Update: Candidates should also be watching out for psychic curses applied by their opponent's campaign manager.


OWM said...

hmm, figures its from Utah

Barzelay said...

I would argue vehemently that atheism is not faith.

In fact, I will argue vehemently that atheism is not faith, if someone cares to engage.

Mike said...

I would engage you in that argument, Barzelay, except it would basically boil down to semantics. If you argue that atheism is not faith in the same sense that Christianity or Islam or Judaism is, then I will agree with you. However, I think Jeff has it right: atheism is the faith (or belief or conviction or certitude or whatever - again, splitting hairs over semantics) that God does not exist. Agnosticism, on the other hand, is centered around uncertainty, so I could much more easily back an argument that that is not faith.

And Jeff, thanks for putting a ridiculous kid's song in my head for the rest of the day. "His name is my name toooooooo..."